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Welcome to the place where you can taste the best lemonade but also the worst! Only one rule : the customer is king !  Your goal is to make the perfect lemonade! What's better than jumping off a diving board to get lemon juice?  

Pick up speed and take breaks to get the maximum or minimum juice to try to make the perfect lemonade!

How does it work ?

You have several lemons  that you will have to explode on the ground in the most strategic way possible to get the amount of juice you want.

Goal :

The customer wishes a personalized lemonade, sometimes acid, sometimes not at all, at each beginning of the level a certain threshold of acidity is given by the customer! It is up to you to reach it and not to exceed it!

Be careful not to waste, all the lemons will be used, so it's up to you to be strategic !

Tricks : 

When you fall and because a lemon always has class, you have the possibility to keep several pauses to obtain various effects:
 -Lemon juice multipliers 

Platforms : 

There are several types of platforms, some allow you to bounce higher, some less and some not!

The Classic platform :
 With a classic bounce and a classic move, a classic case in short.
The sponge platform:Gives a smooth bounce, useful if you want to avoid crushing your lemon. 
The Fork platform:
You've got it all figured out. It's going to be juicy.
The lemon platform:
You've always dreamed of an extra life ? It's up to you!
The butter platform:The softness of the butter gives you a powerful rebound. 

Be juicy 


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